Something interesting is happening. I feel connected. To myself. As well as to others.

I used to write here because I felt, from my core, that I was unacceptable and couldn’t possibly share what existed inside of me with anyone who knew me. I thought parts of me were bad, unworthy of being seen or heard. I held no hope for those parts to ever be allowed to exist in daylight, in the face of people who love me.

And then, I met two humans who taught me otherwise. Who loved me not even in despite of those parts, but because those parts are all pieces of me deserving of love.

That compassion gifted me life.

It allows me to live authentically—to let all of the parts of me exist and receive love.

And it gives me purpose to hopefully join others in their own processes. I am so grateful for the Wolfpack that let me be with them. Healing is a gift that will keep giving for the rest of my life. 💛

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