I miss you so much, I whispered as tears formed and soaked my cheeks. I wish you were here. So badly.

September was supposed to be a monumental month. It still is, but before I had clients to fill up my purpose and add meaning to my life, we were supposed to go skydiving on September 18th. I never took it out of my calendar. Every time I come across it I scan the word and become filled with sadness, then, a tinge of hope that maybe it will still happen and you will fly with us in spirit.

It’s going to come and go and the emptiness I feel from the lost connection we should have gained in 2 weeks is devastating.

Today I went and cried with you, because my heart is hurting and no one could hold it but you. So I sat in the grass in front of you, sweat finding it’s way out of my body in the 100-degree heat, and cried. You loved me so much. I know you did, you must have loved me, to have been so great at holding space for me so many times before and now, even as your body is held on earth and your soul is held by God, you are still holding space for me. You must be. It’s the only way I’m surviving without you. 💔

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