Your inner critic wants to drown you because the emotions you’re feeling have waves of feeling so overwhelming it punches you in the gut and takes your breath away—it feels like drowning.

GOOD LORD, give yourself a break. You are in the middle of real, valid, devastating grief that you have to be in—it’s the only way to move through something and come out the other end well and whole and intact. Your inner critic is loud and terrible and not you. You are where you are supposed to be. You are compassionate, loving, caring, and intuitive. You are capable of helping others.

What you are going through doesn’t make you any less competent than anyone else. What you are struggling with is a season, a lesson, and an example of resilience even though it feels like some hours the world might cave in on you—it hasn’t and you are still going.

Keep going.

There is no timeline for grief or recovery and you can be with others while they discover these truths, too.

This is your purpose. Do not let your inner critic take that away from you. Do not let your protectors protect you so much that you lose sight of the ground. The truth. The safety. The love.

Instead, be in this moment and feel what you’re feeling—and then know that those feelings connect you to others, help you care for others, and enable you to help others, authentically.

Give yourself the hug you need. That compassion will let you keep going even though you don’t see how it’s possible. 💙

God, I’m incredibly sad. Help me know your presence.

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