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There is a reason 3 cousins, each from different parents, raised in 3 different states and who didn’t have a ton of interaction growing up but whom share the same set of grandparents, have eating disorders.

I wonder if there’s any more.

There are 11 cousins on that side of the family from 5 siblings.

Sometimes when I look at the big picture anger rises up within because while I get that everyone is trying their best to survive at any given time, it’s hard to come to terms with how much damage is rampant inside a single (extended) family system that otherwise appears totally fucking normal.

This is a highly educated family system.

But only some of the cousins are choosing to put an end to it?

I know there are about a thousand excuses for anyone not to do this super hard work, but when so much damage is being done that continues to spread it breaks my heart and anger spills out.

2 thoughts on “Generational Trauma

  1. I hear you. In my father’s side of the family alone, 2 others have left in different ways each less “acceptable” than the one before. I have heard how they’re talked about, especially the 2nd. I’m the 3rd.

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