I feel incredibly anxious.

What part of you is trying to tell you something?

Little-me needs approval, or she is bad / getting in trouble / never going to amount to anything / unloveable.

That’s what’s happening right now. I felt worried my professor wouldn’t approve of me. If she didn’t approve, I wouldn’t pass the class. If I didn’t pass the class, I couldn’t graduate and become a counselor. If I’m not working toward that, I’ve lost purpose.

And it’s not just the professor tonight. I do this all the time with everyone.

I let others perceptions of me (my perceived perception!) dictate how I feel about myself.

Stop doing that, it’s miserable. Panic-attack miserable.

This has happened so many times in the last 8 days that I’ve worked myself into a semi-permanent state of fight-or-flight.

I need a hug.

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