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When you’re anxious, dear one, remember that you are on your own path.

Your own path of wellness, truth finding, truth telling, truth seeking.

Your own path to authenticity.

You are not inherently wrong. You are doing the vital and necessary work that no one else around you is. It is right.

You are fearful because you don’t feel safe inside some of the relationships you value.

Maybe that fear is trying to tell you something.

Listen to your intuition. Listen to it while your heart is beating and tears are forming.

When you’re anxious, pause. Remind yourself that love will guide you out.

Love and fear can coexist, but leaning into love will eventually quiet the fear.

You are loved.

You are loved.

You are loved.

You are so, so loved.

When you feel stressed, or anxious, or fearful, remember: to find love.

It is always there.


Please watch this movie:

I wish the whole world had a better understanding of trauma, and this movie does an outstanding job of getting some great messages out. I felt so understood when Dr. Mate hugged his client. Humans need real connection to heal. The contrast of my ethics class and this movie is horrific–what are we learning as humans and helpers and servants of God if we aren’t first directed to listen to our hearts?

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