What if my entire eating disorder actually represents a huge FUCK YOU to everyone because I’ve been angry and hurt for … my entire life but had no other way to express it without fearing for me life and so in a huge twist of events, Anorexia tried to claim my life for me.

I’m pretty angry at multiple people for separate but legitimate things. And it’s unbelievably hard not to let Anorexia come in to manage this, as a fuck you to every person I’m hurt by.

5 thoughts on “Anger

  1. I feel this so hard. It is the ultimate fuck you only we are the ultimate losers and everyone else goes on with their little lives in ignorant bliss. Don’t let them win. “It’s like drinking poison and expecting someone else to die”

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    1. 😤ugh!! Why does it feel so good (you know, without acknowledging all the shitty parts of being anorexic)! It’s this high I want back in the face of anger & hurt.

      I am not going to let them win. 💙


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