Dear little girl,

Gosh you are hurting so so much and I wish someone could hold you all the times you need it. I wish that with all of my heart. The pools your tears create are real and tender and valid and you deserve to hold safety as you dive in, over and over. I’m so sorry it’s not always there. I’m so sorry it feels cruel and punishing. But listen, you have to slow down when those thoughts become heavy. You belong here, in these places, with these people. I know it feels crushing and I know you’re a warrior.

Keep showing up. Let them see you. Let them hear you. Allow them to show you safety. Your little body needs their love.

But when you are lonely and unsure what you’re doing or who you are or why you’ve landed in the backseat of a truck filled with trauma, I need you to hold on to this: I love you.



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