Your stomach is not getting bigger.

(It’s growing bigger every day)

You have to keep eating every meal

(You are ruining your body)

You don’t have to run when you’re this exhausted

(You are so lazy)

Your weight doesn’t matter

(It matters so much)

This nourished body lets you live life

(At this rate of nourishment everyone will find you grotesque and no one will like you)

No one is looking at you

(Everyone is noticing every ounce you gain)

You are on the right track

(You need to immediately jump this ship)

Just keep going


You can do this—you have goals

(You will never be successful)

(Just stop)

(Give up now)

(No one likes you)

(You are gross)

(Get rid of the extra hanging off your stomach)

(You can’t even stand yourself)

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