Teen me wants you to:

πŸ’› do stuff with me. Go shopping. Make something with me. Cook with me. Eat ice cream with me. Watch Gilmore Girls with me.

πŸ’› give me hand-written notes or cards.

πŸ’› talk about my future, validate and be excited with me over my goals and dreams and hopes.

πŸ’› lead me to God, lead me to mentors, lead me to good and kind people who will take me under their wing.

πŸ’› Let me know you are as excited as I am to be with you.

πŸ’› Have inside jokes.

πŸ’› let me be sarcastic or witty and match it with your own

πŸ’› rebel with me

πŸ’› show me how to face fear

πŸ’› allow me to be weird and be weird with me (be authentically you with me)

πŸ’› Lift up creative parts of me

πŸ’› hold me/hug me/comfort me like a little girl, because a piece of me is still little.

πŸ’› love me

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