If I just changed my mindset to a more positive one, I would be happier.

If I did yoga regularly, I would be more peaceful and less anxious.

If I swam frequently I would be more content with the way I exercise and feel good in my body.

If I focused on goals and my kids, poor coping mechanisms would vanish.

If I stopped having negative thoughts I would stop having negative feelings and I would stop wanting to use maladaptive behaviors.

If I could just be a better person, I would be less depressed.

If I prayed more, read the Bible more, and/or had a better relationship with God, I wouldn’t need anything or anyone else.

If I unattached myself from my team and attached myself to myself, I would have more time to do all of the above.

But none of this is happening and I am going to gain weight and I will be depressed and worthless and no one will want to connect with me and life will be pointless.

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