Dear self,

You deserve to live a vibrant life. You are capable of healing from trauma and you can fully recover from anorexia. You are exactly where you need to be and you have exactly the right people in your wolf pack.

You are brave.

You are a survivor.

You are a badass rockstar who is going to do incredible things in this life.

Self, keep going. Keep eating. Keep loving. Keep letting your wolf pack care and love you. Just keep being you.

Let baby wolf cry and let teen wolf scream.

You are an amazing mom and your kids will not take on generational trauma because of all this work you’re doing. YOU. DID. THAT!

Mama wolf, good job.

Listen, you got this. You really do.

Deep breath. And, go.

Go be brave. Take baby steps. Take big steps. Take any steps toward feeding the good wolf. Be prayerful and mindful and kind—let your heart be full and authentic, and let it be covered in glitter—your true self is amazing. Don’t be afraid. But if you find you are, that’s ok, go anyway. Your wolf pack will surround you and you can surround yourself. You can.

Now, Go.

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