“Where in your body do you feel fear?”

In my throat. And my chest. Sometimes it’s lightening fast and tingly and spreads. But sometimes, like right now, it’s suffocating. It’s heavy and debilitatingly crushing. It is too much, so much. (Like me).

Little-me needs someone to hold her hand and let her feel the really scary fear. She needs safety. Sometimes when I’m feeling this way the steps it takes to get to safety seem like a mountain I’m too little to climb. I feel both vacant and heavy when this happens. Being both is almost impossible for my mind to understand and I just begin to shutdown.

System overload.

Need hugs. Need love. Need help. Need, need, need…

But it’s ok. It’s ok to have needs. And it’s ok to let help, help.

Little-me needs me to let help in.

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