I feel heavy.

As if I swallowed bricks. I feel dry, but I’m not dehydrated. I feel like I can’t take in anything else without crumbling.

A headache that sticks around for days behind your eyes just enough to make every little thing seem like a big irritating thing, resists the Midol I’ve been downing.

I am filled with concrete mix and sometimes it begins to harden and I am paralyzed and rough and uncertain.

Everything hurts but nothing hurts. It’s not depression.

I don’t know what it is.

But I need you to hold me.

Hold me, really and truly and fully. Hold space for me. Hold on with me. But hold me entirely.

I need to know for sure that being this heavy doesn’t mean I’ll break and it doesn’t mean I’ll break you and it doesn’t mean I’m not ok.

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