My eating disorder does not define me, it is not who I am, it is only a way to cope.

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with how much space eating disorder thoughts are taking up and consequently how many behaviors I’m letting play out, despite feeling angry at this terrible way to cope and desperately wanting it to be gone forever.

In terms of brain-space, it seems like I’m back at the very beginning. I know I am a different person than 2 years ago and so hopefully that means I’ll come out of this quicker than times before. Hopefully this will merely serve as a learning point but right now it just feels overwhelming and a bit like I’m drowning.

I am not my eating disorder.

I am:

a believer.

a wife.

a mama.

a caring dog owner.

a loyal friend.

a lover of all things outdoors.

a runner, hiker, swimmer.

adventure seeking.

adrenaline loving.

a meaningful conversation starter.

Things that bring me joy include:

date nights.

watching my kids play.

connecting, a good glass of wine in hand.


hot coffee in a favorite mug.

caramel anything.

the smell of creosote.

monsoon storms.

the first snow.

getting lost in the woods.

road trips.

soft, cozy blankets.

sitting around a fire.

authentic Mexican food.

celebrations, surprises, & champaign.

inner-circle hugs.

solo 10-mile runs with new music.

oversize sweaters and leggings.

finding out something I wrote deeply affected someone.

Christmas lights.

puppy cuddles.

holding my husband’s hand.

receiving handwritten notes.

a good book & quiet time to read it.

fresh fruit.

feeling understood.


safe spaces with safe people.

And above all else, giving & receiving love.

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