Self care right now is curling up with my weighted blanket and letting myself grieve. Grief is so much bigger than me today. Sure, I wish I was doing this in my therapists office. It’s generally safer and having physical support is such a huge piece to my recovery. But I cannot hold on to it any longer. If I’m going to survive, I have to at least try to let it go, right now.

In tears

In prayer

In breathing

In peaceful acceptance


My body and my brain are not working together and I have to let my body know I hear you, it’s ok. Even just merely attempt, so I can not go looking for ways later when I can’t stand it anymore, to accidentally cut my brain off from my body permanently.

3 thoughts on “Body Says

  1. This ❤ I can’t tell you how much of a help it is to read your words – it’s like you capture my thoughts and feelings exactly when I can’t express them at all. Thank you for being you xx

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