The way to hold my heart: gently. Sincerely. Authentically.

I wrote a couple weeks ago that my heart is too sensitive, fragile, and prickly to hold at all. I wrote that my heart pulls most extremely in polar opposite directions—it is needy and too hot to touch. It simply cannot be properly held by anyone, even me.

But that’s not true.

Sometimes, most of the time, I just need to know I am loved.

To the ends of the earth and back again.

To the moon and to the stars.

I need you to tell me; unconditionally, I am unabashedly, absolutely, thoroughly loved.

That this does not make me needy, and that it’s just human nature—to need love in this way.

I forget so easily. I cannot hear it enough. You cannot say it enough. I DID NOT EVER GET THIS NEED MET AS A CHILD, and I need it constantly now.

There isn’t anything inherently wrong with me to simply want love in a parental form. It is ok. I can breathe. And reach out. And… ask for love.

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