Do you exist on earth?

Can you be held like diamonds and pearls? Are you sparkling and glowing and shining? Are you whole or cut or irreparable?

Or are you dust?

Are you free?

Have you stopped obsessing over every cellulite dimple and every sideways glance? Do you still collect train times and building heights and bridge locations or have you buried your plans and planted Tiger Lilies over them?

Do you know God? Like, really know Him? Have you let go, surrendered, become authentically you?

Did you burn your fears, sending perfect gray smoke signals up, and can you run fast and free like you want so badly to?

Are you really alive, or do you spend your time counting, counting, counting until you are brain dead and useless, trapped forever?

Can you give yourself kindness and love, and can you accept grace?

Tell me, please tell me, you’ve made it through. And you’re breathing deep breaths. And you never said goodbye on a last glass of wine, and a final embrace.

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