Favorite sports bra: pink and orange flowers, blue and green leaves, black and white stripes, and a cell phone pocket

Grey spandex shorts, perfect running socks

High ponytail

Wireless headphones and music my brother told me to run to

Soaking up the sun, Hoka’s landing in the grass

Garmin watch and tan lines

Fueled by turkey bacon (things I thought I’d never allow myself) and coffee (and an adequate breakfast)

Saying fuck off eating disorder & depression & anxiety

Forgiving myself every time I want to cry or give up or become judgmental of my emotions or progress

Deep breaths and this: I am loved

Things I needed today

2 thoughts on “Run

  1. Shorts? Lucky you! Omg, I’m still wearing layers of winter running gear. It’s been on and off warmish but they are calling for snow on Friday. Nevertheless, I have a pair of goretex Brooks Ghost running shoes that survive everything. I love them! They’ve discontinued them so I bought a second pair. 😁


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