Dear Twenty,

You are absolutely incredible.

You are an unquestionably beautiful and purposeful addition to this world. An optimistic light in dark places even and despite your own seemingly unshakable despair. You will climb out of all the canyons, up and over each and every mountain, and swim bravely across treacherous waters, operating on the concrete strength your core is built of.

Your perseverance is admirable. Your courage, commendable.

You are a survivor.

A warrior. A warrior with perfectly placed armor. You can take it off now.

Twenty: it’s perfectly acceptable to feel hopelessly hurting and want to be fervidly loved through your ocean-filling tears.

Twenty, I love you. I want to fill you up like you are my own. Like you deserve. My heart breaks when I think about how shattered I know you feel. How you feel nauseous all the time. How you constantly feel afraid the glue you’ve used to piece yourself back together won’t hold much longer and it’s only a matter of time before everything falls apart. Twenty, you were surviving. Wow, you were surviving. That’s amazing. I want to take all of your guilt and shame and just love you forever. You will be ok, all you have to do is keep surviving until you get to safety.

Twenty, you are here. You are safe. You can talk, and cry, and be and feel anything you need to. Anything you want to. I promise you will receive unconditional love on the other end.

You will come out of the deepest pit stronger. You will bravely trek mountainous terrain and you will breathe easier on the other side of the sometimes unforgiving sea. Keep going, keep going, keep going. I love you.



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