One thought on “Dear ED part 3,652

  1. I’m not fighting mine anymore. I transitioned from “recovery” to “harm reduction” which is an emotional palliative care. Oddly enough, when I realized I’m in the % that don’t recover, many of my behaviors went away. I have what’s needed for mood/stress/anxiety management.
    Of course, I’d never want that for anyone else if there’s a remote hope of recovery. It sounds like what you could benefit from is a recovery vacation. I used to do that. I’d give myself a couple weeks or a month then evaluate what I could do toward perhaps a slower but more doable recovery path. It was so helpful, like lifting the pressure valve and taking a good rest.

    Of course, I only just started following you so have no idea what you’ve been doing and might be saying the exact wrong thing. I hope not.

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