Dear 10-year-old self,

It’s ok to be scared. There isn’t anything wrong with needing caring adult arms wrapped around your tiny body, your face buried in a safe chest, your rapid heart beat falling with warm embrace. And then, it’s ok to let tears spill and soak the shirt of the nonjudgmental and loving human holding you tightly. You can breathe. You are safe, here. You can hold on, cold, shaky hands pressed against the back of someone who won’t give up on you, won’t tell you to stop, won’t ask you to get it together–for as long as you need.

It’s ok to need gentle comfort and to feel upset when it’s unreachable. You didn’t do anything to make the love you need so far away. It’s ok to cry loudly, exasperated because your heart feels broken but you’re not sure why.

It’s ok to cry, period.

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