You are so very loved. You will always be loved. The fervor in which you are loved is beyond your capacity; not for lack of intelligence but because it is so great. Know it is true.

Dear sweet girl, your pain is real and valid. You will not be admonished for having a voice.  Use your precious words. You don’t have to alter your stories to protect anyone. This is your gift, hold on to it, craft bravely and frequently, share widely when it feels safe.

Dear sweet girl, run and jump and flip because your body is strong and because it feels rewarding to fill your spirit this way. Relax when you want to. When your body whispers, rest, listen. You were made so very perfectly in His image.

Dear sweet girl, you don’t need all the answers but you have all the answers within you. I promise it’s going to be ok.

Dear sweet girl, you have a Father who will never let you go. When all the adults in your life seem vacant, when your emotions overwhelm, when you are told you are not enough, run to Him. He will catch you. He will not let you fall.

Dear sweet girl, I love you. 


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