I can do this, with mediocre at best vocals:

I can rap (say?) the entire song It’s All Good by Will Smith on the spot. The song wasn’t a hit, just the 12th song on his 1997 album I played on repeat in middle school. Nevertheless, my husband says it’s cool.

I usually win a handstand contest. Same for headstands. I can still front hip circle on a bar and back- and front-flip on a trampoline, despite my age.

I have hyper-mobility in my elbows and thumbs, which generally just freaks people out.

I can recite the taxonomic hierarchy for no reason — I am not a biology major and learned this in 7th grade and just never forgot it.

I have never lost a game of Boggle or any other version of it.

I know the alphabet in sign language.


I’m sure these party tricks are lame to most but honestly this afternoon I thought I wish I was the version of me that is spontaneously fun, learns new things constantly, and confidently adventures. Where did she go? And my solution to begin to find her is to write out things I can do that aren’t in everybody’s party trick arsenal. I was reminded today that I am fun, by the two tiny humans I helped to create. It’s still a thunderstorm all day … but I’m letting the storm exist today instead of being all-consumed by it. I am struggling hard, but I’m coping at a higher percentage than say, 6 months ago, with healthy coping skills.

Slow progress is still progress.



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