Dear Eating Disorder,

You are no longer welcome at any celebrations. I can’t completely give you up yet but you will not be my plus one. You suck the life out of me and this is where I am going to practice leaving you. The thought of this strikes fear throughout my entire body, but I am strong enough to face that fear. I have an entire entourage helping me fight and if you come by, unwelcome, I am not afraid to enlist their support.

They are for me, not you.

Also, I am not alone. I am not alone. I am never alone. You have taken advantage of me too many times when I reach despair and loneliness, but I am done running to your arms.

I do have defense against you at all times: thanks, God.

And when it’s hard to cling to the idea that I’m loved, heard, seen, chosen, redeemed, I have my husband. My therapist. My dietitian. A handful of friends, and a smaller handful of family, that have shown me support in ways I never felt worthy of because you destroyed my worth,value, and confidence.

I am choosing to listen to those people.

I am choosing to live a fulfilling life.

I am choosing celebrations over you.

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