You come across my face as a quick and unconvincing smile. You tangle my brain and cause my heart to beat rapidly. You are suspended in my stomach and give rise to nausea.

I cannot eat.

I lose my voice in your presence. The jagged words leaving my lips try hard to come together to resemble something— anything–conveying what’s going on in my head, heart, and stomach.

I cannot eat.

My stomach is helpless to your power and this is what makes recovery seem impossible sometimes.

I want to run to the safety of someone’s arms, but no one knows this story really, and I am afraid of haphazardly constructing nonsensical sentences.

I don’t often make sense to myself.

I’m craving that safety deeply, intensely, profoundly, and feel despairingly alone when it’s not available. It’s usually unavailable.

You are more poignant, harsh, and perplexing than any other feeling.

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