When it’s hard to get out of the woods, find comfort in being lost. -Wilder

I’m still not counting calories. I’m still not weighing myself. I’m still, what seems like, barely running. So I’m still good, right?

I am a couple miles deep in the woods. I feel quite lost and chaotic. This happened so fast. I am frequently very lost in my thoughts to the point of it disrupting my life.

I’ve missed turns while driving and been completely unaware that someone is talking to me. Multiple times.

This week has not been my week. I feel like I’ve taken some giant steps backwards and I was starting to get very wrapped up in the idea that I sort of felt like I was free falling without a parachute.


This is a journey. It’s slow. It’s real. It’s up and down and sideways. I am not a lost cause because I was unable to get adequate nutrition most of this week. I am learning. I am still in the thick of things and even though that is very frustrating for me, it’s ok to be here because I still want to find my way out. And I will, find my way out. I have to.

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