As the saying goes. She might be quiet but she sure is passionate, and you all need to know that she cares deeply about your children and their running. 

His words pierced my heart, because nothing could be more true. 

In my family, I am not the quiet leader. My brother was once described by a coach as being just that. I was jealous that he had a gift for simply leading by example. I was an active leader. I took leadership roles on purposely and eagerly. I have never been particularly boisterous but I was bossy and goal-oriented which would generally lead to success. 

Now, the water runs deep. I am dangerously silent. I am not jumping at the gun to cut you off and tell you what I have to say. I am not that at all. I am quietly confident that my examples and my few words will extend much further than a verbal song that no one is really listening to anyway. 

I never want to forget his words.


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