Sometimes, you’re going to have a little bit of luck on your side. You’re going to get a job you didn’t think you were qualified for. You’re going to be promoted when you thought you were slacking off. You’re going to win a contest you didn’t feel prepared for.

Was it luck?

Or, was it that you’re more intelligent than you can even begin to understand? Maybe your supervisors invested their time in you because your potential is so high that it didn’t matter if your resume fell short of a requirement or two. Understand that you’re going to make mistakes, and as long as you learn from them, making mistakes will only make you a stronger, more productive person.

But I crumble when I make a mistake. Anxiety overcomes my entire existence so that even the most minuscule mistake gets my heart racing and my hands shaking. Sometimes, I prepare to make a mistake before I even make one, and enter a situation like this so it doesn’t happen later. I arrive afraid. Sometimes, this happens even when I am simply entering a new conversation with a colleague I have never had a meeting with before. 

I am petrified they will find out I am a fraud. When will they discover I do not deserve this job? When will they realize I have no idea what I’m doing? Who is going to be the one to call me out? It is only a matter of time before people stop overestimating my intelligence. 

That’s what makes you human. Your fault is not your fear of failure and making mistakes, it is your gross lack of confidence. You have to pull out every ounce of confidence that already exists within you. You have to do this to be successful. You have to believe in yourself. YOU HAVE TO. 

Ready. GO.

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