I’m sure it was raining or maybe for whatever reason he just could not leave to call me.

But I had my phone by me non-stop for 48 hours. I even ran with my phone because I didn’t want to miss his call. He did say he could call me Saturday night. And so, obnoxiously all night I had my cell phone in my lap at dinner, and in my other non-drinking hand at the bar. So, Saturday I fell asleep with my phone next to my pillow, still holding on to some hope I’d hear from him. Finally Sunday at 8am, I received a text message from him–we exchanged 3 or 4–and he said he would call later. Well it was approaching bed time, and I got another text saying before 11pm. 11:30 came and went…

no phone call.

That was 48 hours of hoping and then depressing nonevents.

I had all these things I wanted to tell him and this morning I tried to recall everything I wanted to tell him and I can’t remember now. It just sucks. I am not a fan of being “in the field.” Or maybe it would me easier if he just never told me he would be able to call..so I don’t wait around (ok I wasn’t not doing things, I just had it in the back of my mind while doing everything and did not leave my phone) all day.


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