What? I’m happy. I am! I’m not sure why I feel the need to be convincing (maybe I’m kidding myself-no!)

In fact, on the way to work the other day, actually often I do this, I was thinking about how great everything was and all the wonderful people in my life, and how excited I am to be engaged to the best man in the world, etc, etc, etc.

So I am alarmed, even though I wasn’t supposed to be. It is concerning to me that I appear depressed, down, or whatever.

I guess I wonder if I’m always like “this.” And just don’t realize it.

When someone asks: “How are you?” One has two options.
1. Reply with the standard, “good” or some other such lie
2. Reply with how they are really feeling
For me, I often reply with #2 if it’s someone I’m very close to. Given my current situation of putting “my time” in as an intern (barely paid) after I already put in time as an intern, I feel as though I have the right to not exactly be chipper 24/7. However…I don’t think I exactly take full advantage of this by any means! I am still a generally happy person.

It’s rough out here being newly graduated and unemployed and living in a city where the total number of people you know equals 3. But I love it! I love trying to do this, I love working towards the ultimate goal. Admittedly, I do get frustrated easily when goals aren’t being met, but at the same time, what ambitious person doesn’t?

In conclusion, I am a very happy person with little true negativity.

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