I didn’t get the job and after the pity party I threw for myself last night, I am completely OK with it. I had to experience it eventually. I cannot help the fact that I do not have a ton of experience (the sole reason, apparently, that I did not land the job over the other final candidate). She said she really wished she could have had both of us on staff, and really appreciated my enthusiasm.

Well, I have more enthusiasm for the job I am supposed to have. And for now, my internship. Besides, I am going to the Hill today! In fact, this internship is what I wish I was doing for actual career, and I secretly never thought I would ever actually get here. I would tell very very few people I’m interested in Health Policy and I am so excited to have this opportunity to get involved and understand it more. Even if I don’t do it later, I can’t say I don’t have experience in it!

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