I had a third interview today with an organization I hope to soon be working for. It is down to me and one other candidate. I am supposed to know on Monday. I am also supposed to start my back-up plan internship on Monday, so that didn’t work out quite as I had planned. Such is life. If I do get the job (God I hope!) I’ll be going to a conference in Florida Jan. 20-23! So that is pretty exciting. And then I would go to NY that Saturday morning to see Fiance 🙂

I am so nervous about all of this, I wish they would call right now so the waiting game (I applied Nov. 30…) could finally end. I guess, before I hear whether or not I am the chosen one, I should be proud I made it to round three, and down to two candidates. 50% chance. And with my charm, that should raise me to about an 80% chance, right? (Just kidding.) Well…keeping my fingers crossed, praying, hoping, wishing, willing, trying not to break any mirrors or squash any four-leaf clovers.

I made most of my running plan yesterday for the half marathon on May 17. I am also going to meet up with a running group tomorrow that runs along the river every Saturday morning. This week my goal was to just run 6/7 days and start the actual plan on Monday. So far that is working out… and I am going to go running right now, actually.

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