I wasn’t going to buy a dress because I already have one I could have worn. I just though I would look, and if something really caught my eye that happened to be under thirty dollars, I would get it. I was with boyfriend’s mother, grandfather and grandmother.

At first I thought I was imposing this excursion on them, and that I should be quick about it. I was very wrong. Between the three of them, they had me trying on more dresses than I have ever tried on in my life. boyfriend’s mom handed me more exclaiming, “try these on, don’t even look at the price tags.” I obeyed, tried them on for kicks and giggles and in the end came out with two dresses that everyone really loved. She grabbed one of them and says it’s my birthday and graduation present and for me to get the other one, so I could get both. I protested, feeling a little uncomfortable that she would spend all that money on me since I am already living with them. She bought it and hugged me. The hug was a little unexpected and for a second I just felt so loved by everyone in my life. I feel so welcomed and comfortable here. Family means a lot to me and not having a huge family like the boyfriend does, it might be a little ironic that family is such a big deal to me. I appreciate so much that his entire family has let me in without reservation. I don’t know where I am going with all this…

I am so blessed.

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