I guess I will feel like I have failed if I do not find a job in the next few weeks.

It was my own goal, and those are the most difficult ones to let go.

I  am thinking my degree is worthless. I feel inadequate, unintelligent, overlooked.

I don’t want to graduate anymore because that signifies the fact that I spent 3.5 years of schooling for nothing [if I still don’t have a job].

I can keep having a sense of humor about it and I will deal externally in this way, but inside I’m fucking panicking like nobodies business.

Everyone keeps saying it is going to work out… … … … … …

I am waiting…



still waiting..

and I want to give up. I won’t, because my pride is so high I’ll write cover letters until midnight on November 21st…

and then I’ll keep hoping…

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