In fourth grade they said;

good at reading and writing
exceeds far beyond expectations

In fourth grade, I got my first ever Satisfactory (S) grade in math. I was so overwhelmingly scared to show my parents that report card I cried for an hour upon receiving the news and even went after school to ask my teacher why (how could she be so cruel to give me anything less than an above-average grade (S+)? From then on I hated math and decided I was no good at it.

In fourth grade;
I worried what I looked like.

In fourth grade, my pride was so high every time I went to gymnastics, I felt like the best. Until I realized I wasn’t really the best. Then I worried why. I worried what I looked like. I compared myself to every other girl in that gym every day I went.

In fifth grade I quit.
I didn’t want to.
But I wasn’t good enough.

In sixth grade I was mostly worried about fitting in.

In seventh grade I became really good at math. In fact, it filled my head all day long and kept me from sleeping. I was a living calorie book. In seventh grade I only weighed 88 pounds and 5’4, in the 5th percentile for a 13-year-old female which indicated a BMI of “underweight”.

My children will not grow up thinking like this.

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