She keeps coming back because no where else, that she is aware of, can she be paid this much attention. She comes back because it is safe, so safe the more-than-average sized vice president of a fortune 500 company can pretend she has no will power. No strength. No care in the world for anyone but herself. No pride–and a lot, I mean, a lot of tears. She traveled here with her game face on, still the voice of reason to her hundreds of employees. Still made-up and dressed to the nines. But as soon as she walked through those doors, her world fell apart. I shed a tear for her. She would struggle during her lengthy stay not because she couldn’t do the activities, but because she was afraid. This was all she has ever known, what would happen if she actually began to love her body unconditionally? The horror…

The result of ignoring her reality. But she wasn’t any different than the rest of them.

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