The emotions in this place are insane. During a morning lecture on behavior modification, 3 participants cried. Minutes later, the whole room was roaring with laughter. I have learned so much already and yesterday was only my first full day! I am so inspired to help these people. It’s so easy for me to relate to them. Not that I have out loud, but I know how miserable they are. So many times today I wanted to scream, “I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU’RE FEELING!” I am excited to be a strong motivator. The dynamics of this place are very unique. It is a resort (cabin-in-the-woods style), treatment center, nutrition office, gym, and counseling office all in one.

I am still very intimidated about having to teach classes in 3 weeks… but I think, it will just come. I am taking it all in… and going to let it come. Hell, every woman on my mother’s side of the family is a teacher, it is in my genes! I just need to become confident about WHAT I am teaching.

I got a call for a coaching position at a highschool boarding school! (I missed the call, of course.) We’ll see about that though…I applied with the intention of also teaching, and I am not sure exactly what the position entails.

BEST THING ABOUT TODAY: The boyfriend called me and said he is going to be here tomorrow night!!!!!!!!! I will only get to see him for about 4 or 5 hours because of my crazy work schedule, but I AM SO EXCITED!

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