I started my internship yesterday. I start real work tomorrow, and I am so overwhelmed and eager and excited all at the same time. This place is beautiful. The town is very quaint. There is a main street, and no grocery store only a rite aid. The houses are ancient but not falling apart. The trees and the vibrant green color that litters the outdoors is magnificent. I cannot believe I am lucky enough to be here for 15 weeks. It is going to be such an inspiring experience, I can feel it.

I am overwhelmed because I was given my schedule for the week and I do not (no exaggeration) have a moment to spare between 7am and 7pm. But, I LOVE being busy. I love that it is like that. I just can’t wait until I get used to it and everything is second nature and I am not nervous anymore.

I am definitely not getting enough to eat. The plan I am on right now is 1600 calories per day which is pretty much the standard for the guests here. But my activity level is far too high for that. Which I already knew and should have said something right away. Of course, I know down the the exact calorie how much caloric intake I need per day and depending on how many miles I run each week…but I, being the way that I am, decided to let it ride and see if I can manage on that. But it is only the 2nd day and I am already hungry 1 hour after every meal. So, I’ll try to say something later in the week. It needs to be like 2400. At the very least, 2000.

I think this is going to open doors and be the biggest growing experience for me. Woo hoo!

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