I run too fast!

Last night, I ran with Liz. Granted she was out of shape but I would call myself out of shape too. We ran on flat ground around the fountain three times, and I never lost my breath. I was holding conversation without any trouble at all. We were probably going 9:30 pace. Slow, very very slow…but she was struggling. It is no feat to not breath hard going 9:30 pace, but it did show me I am not exactly out of shape especially if compared to the average American who is somewhat active. Anyway, my four miles last night was pretty pointless aside from catching up with Liz but hey I burnt a few calories and renewed my sense of physical awareness: not everybody just goes out and runs 8 minute or 7:45 pace.

I think Mike and Justin (who also sveltely suggested I run slower) were right when they separately brought up I might be running too fast. I think I am just used to going out at 8 flat pace, and anytime I start to run my legs just automatically start going around that pace. When I am running by myself though, I feel so incredibly slow when I slow down from that pace. If someone else is running with me, 8:30 pace feels fine. I guess I will figure that one out on my own. I need to be thinking about it and just tell myself to slow down throughout the whole run. Funny…I never thought I would tell my self to slow down a year ago. It was always faster, faster, faster.

I asked my dad when he was running on his own in his 30’s and 40’s how often he ran. His reply, “Well I have trouble doing anything half ass. I ran six or seven days a week.” Thanks for handing me that gene down to me, dad. I was hoping he might say five days, so that I may feel better about skipping days (not that would actually make me feel better….but that particular day I wanted to skip running and go be social).

I was social…just not until after I ran. The reason I always come back to running is because there is hugely strong passion for it. It’s not because I always want to lose weight, or even that I have unfinished running goals I want to achieve. It is purely passion. Those other things are great motivators, at times, but something else drives me more than anything superficial.

I think as I get older, I want to focus more on 10k’s and half marathons. The best even paced races I have had have been 10k’s and half’s.

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