Well I am at my parents house. I’m not going to use the word “home” anymore. They are moving, I am moving all over creation, and no where really feels like home anymore.

I have to have all my stuff unpacked AND put away to the extreme perfection…the house is on the market and being shown tomorrow. Lucky me, my dad is a cleanness perfectionist.
Needless to say, I have my work cut out for me tonight.

Because they are moving and I am downsizing my belongings, I threw away a lot of high school stuff that has been laying around my room here since, well, high school. I threw away my favorite pair of jeans (they had ripped senior year in math class…that was cool.) But first I tried them on. I got them on…and that’s about it.
Which leads me to my next statement: I honestly really truly want my running body back. Alright, not the easiest thing to achieve completely on my own but fuck I can do it.
It’s only 10 pounds and a jean size.

I’ll just be practicing what I am going to be preaching in 2 months.

It’s mathematically simple.

I’m going to be a lean mean running machine. Starting tomorrow. Well it sort of stared Monday. But got screwed up today with a day off because I am exhausted from traveling and packing and unpacking.
…Which I need to get back to.

I’m going to a youth track meet tomorrow at 5am because C is timing and my brother is helping and M will likely be there. M…about that, I am sort of nervous for her to see me. Last time she saw me it was comments all weekend about how I trimmed up real well and blah blah blah that should definitely make me faster. And now she is going to see me like this.
Oh well. Maybe she’ll help with the lean mean machine I plan on being. She’s good at motivation and making me believe I can run 945709574953 miles per week.

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