Extreme optimism and excitement about my future and sadness for leaving a place I did not have time to get sick of is creating an unbalanced aura. Since I am here and not there; being my future endeavors, I am currently more sad. I have never been this close so quickly to a group of guys. Band I just clicked immediately with the whole group. I hate to see it end. Looking back I made some amazing lifelong friends.

I cannot believe I am done here. I cannot believe I will no longer be living with my best friend. I feel like I am getting divorced or something…we have been living together since summer before freshman year of college. We searched for transfer schools together…we told all the coaches we were a package deal. We finally moved here together.

All week we have been separating our things. Everything is so mingled and shared. I always wear this one shirt of hers, and she wears one of mine regularly so we decided to permanently trade. Saying goodbye is always the worst thing of these processes.

I’m positive I was having issues the past few weeks because of moving and change. I already knew that but I didn’t want to admit it. It is just so much easier not to think about stuff like this, and instead focus all my attention on myself. How long does it take before I don’t do that anymore?

Goodbye UNC
Goodbye smelly town
Goodbye rockies
Goodbye house
Goodbye glenmere park
Goodbye Holly Rd.
Goodbye Resevoir
Goodbye mosquitos
Goodbye Sanborn Park
Goodbye Gunter Hall
Goodbye Cross House
Goodbye M, K, S
Goodbye A, D Family, Cross girls
Goodbye Cross guys
Goodbye loitering anywhere and everywhere
Goodbye training room
Goodbye Poudre River
Goodbye Ford Focus, loud rap, driving aimlessly
Goodbye streets and avenues, The 25 and The 34
Goodbye Estes.
Goodbye cornfields, 71st ave
Goodbye Colorado. I’ll be back.

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