My run today was really short. I only ran 3 miles, I have been so tired all day today even after 9 hours of sleep and 1.5 hour nap.

The thoughts on my run:

Why am I so tired?
My lungs hurt.
What am I going to eat for dinner?
Maybe I won’t eat dinner.
I want to be skinny.
My throat is so dry…I am dehydrated.
I wish I was with The boyfriend.
Hey, that looks like my coach on that bike.
I hope he doesn’t see me.
I’m stopping at the stop sign and turning around.
No keep going.
No..I am stopping.
I’ll have a salad for dinner.
Yeah, that will be ok.
I wonder how much I weigh.
I should find out.
I can’t breathe, what the hell, i’ve only been running for 2 miles!
I blame traveling. That’s not scientifically sound.
oh well.
I need to take the Gerontology test. and do the homework.
oh and look for a class.
I need to lose weight.

So, it’s interesting; to recall everything I think about and how much of it is in certain categories. It’s so sporadic but I bet most runners are like that while running.

This past weekend was nice, getting to see the boyfriend. It was just so short. I’m missing him so badly.

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