So it is quite difficult to write a paper when the professor changes the number of pages it is supposed to be pretty much daily, including the class period before it is due. WHAT THE HELL. She is going senile and I am paying for it. I had my paper all mapped out, 90% completed and then today in class, she tells us it is supposed to be approximately 3 pages longer than what I originally though (and most of the class thought.

Too much running, too many papers, too many stressors. I want to quit!!!!!!! And FUCK my school for telling me I am fine to graduate as planned in December, and then when I go in for the official grad check, suddenly I am 3 credits short AND I have to get signed by department that 6 of my credits count towards my degree. So for one thing, my advisor BETTER sign of on those (I am thinking she will, she freakin told me last semester they will go towards my degree…so it’s her fault) and secondly I now have to find ANOTHER summer class to take all so I can get out of here early. GAH!

I still need to run today, I have a migraine and have had it since yesterday, and I sort of just want to cry right now but there is not TIME for that!!!!! (Writing this entry is replacing any time that would have been alloted for crying.)

ok. Three more pages, no big deal, (fuckin’ teacher) I can do that. I just need to sit down tonight, no distractions, and get it done.

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