My parents are visiting me for my spring break. Today we took a day trip into the rockies, it was a fun adventure. The coolest part though, was at lunch. Somehow we got on the topic of the boyfriend. I just love that both of my parents are totally for us. My dad made a joke about how he will make a good 8th or 9th boyfriend, and my mom says, hmm..I don’t think that’s all. And my dad says, I know. I think our daughter is in love.

The first night they were here, over drinks, my dad and I were discussing whether or not I need my car in VT. I of course, was voting for taking my car with me, he initially was not. But once I called him out for only not wanting me to have it because he worries like crazy about me driving in snow, etc. He pretty much said he would agree to let me take it as long as I didn’t drive across the country by myself (he would go with me.) Anyway, it was decided the only REAL reason I need my car in VT is to be able to see The boyfriend and he was completely ok with that. He already knew, of course, but that wasn’t even a reason why he didn’t want me to take it. He was like, I was trying to help you be CLOSER (NYC); but I didn’t take the NYC internship. Anyway, it makes so happy that they can see and know that I am completely in love and they know what I am thinking and are not even the slightest bit freaking out or anything…they want it to happen. How freaking cool.

Now, I just have to tell them I am flying to NY in 23 days… (hopefully I get the nerve to do this tonight. Pray that it’s only a conversation and not an argument.)

OH MAN I hope he can call me tonight….and not when I am with my parents! I miss him so, so much. Although, I don’t mind these little tests…not being able to talk to him for so many days, not being able to see him for many months. It’s all just kodak moments of the future. I can and will pass all these tests with flying colors.

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