Dear track, I am so sorry I have neglected you.

I crave the track. I want to put my spikes on and run 100 meter strides. I want to smell the track and spring and the sun. I am craving plyometric drills. I’m craving the type of track workout that makes your head hurt and legs shake. I want to run against the clock. I want to run a 4×4 at the end of a track meet after running two other races just because it’s fun. I want to run an intense hill repeat workout. I want to run a ten mile run. I just want to run…

I’m craving competition. I miss the track, the track misses me. I want to run a 1600 by myself in 5:40. Just to prove to myself I can. On my own terms. I want to run a 10,000 for the same reason…to prove to myself I can run it in qualifying time.

I sorely miss going to the track by myself and running go’s or just miles or ins-and-outs. wow, I need to go to the track. If I could just stop being so sick, that would be awesome.

As soon as I am sickness free, I’m taking my spikes and myself to the track and running damnitt.

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