Going to the doctor requires routinely stepping on the scale. These are the things I think about. Followed with well, I can’t go to the doctor until I have lost the weight I’ve gained. Because heaven forbid the nurse write down in my file that I weigh whatever I weigh right now (too much). I guess I am going to have to get over that. My own theory is that maybe if I write about it I’ll forget about it. It works sometimes…

I have to make this fucking dreaded appointment. I have to tell my dad about it. Fuck that. While I’m there I should make them find out why I keep getting sick. There has to be a reason. And NO it’s NOT nutrition, that is fine. Maybe my body hates me because it’s not being allowed to run.

I want to go running on an Arizona canal really badly. Freestone or Kiwanis or Papago…

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