[The accumulation of thoughts from today’s happenings]

1. The spectacular thing about distance running is that anyone with determination can do it.

2. At the first sign on my having to smell cigarette smoke, my irritation level annoyingly sky rockets immediately. Especially while running.

3. I ran this morning, and then this afternoon. I ran this morning to exercise. I ran this afternoon because I was so excited about running. That’s the way it should be, the latter. I love it…

4. Unorganized people piss me off.

5. I have the most amazing friends.

6. Green does not always mean GO in a crosswalk, if there are idiot, blind drivers trying to make left hand turns. (6.5. near death experiences are not fun!)

7. And finally, I see this girl, almost everyday. Speed walking. All 80 pounds of her 5’4 self. Every bone on her body is visible. I want so badly to stop her and shake some sense into her, because I know what she’s thinking. No one in their right mind walks that much. Really, she just walks and walks and walks all day long. And then I’ll see her in the gym, changing cardio machines so as not to get kicked out. Where are you walking to? I’ll tell you; you’re grave. Of course there’s nothing I can do but it just sucks, to watch someone–albeit a complete stranger–obsess her life away.

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