First of all, I turned 21 yesterday. In the writers’ case, this means drinking. Lots of drinking fruity, girly, expensive drinks the author did not pay for because friends were endless buyers.

Second of all, I had a body composition test this morning. The results: undetermined. Well, I know them. But I have not studied them and decided what I consequently think about them. I was a little dehydrated, which can throw the electronic one off, which said I was 15% body fat. The 3-test calipers said I was 18%. My bloated/over fed/lacking enough exercise (I’ve only been running 3-5 miles the past two weeks) body’s height-to-weight-to-age BMI is 19%. I like the 15%. But it’s off because I wasn’t properly hydrated. The 18% is alright, I do wish it was lower though. And my BMI is sucky and means I need to weigh less. If I weighed what I did a month ago…I’d be happier about it.

It is a good thing I did not turn 21 last year…I would have been spending a lot of time over the toilet. yeah.

Third of all, my life, aside from worrying nonsensically about my weight, has continued to be happening as if it were out of some chick flick.

One thought on “body composition

  1. Your BMI is 19? That’s low. Though, don’t you think that taking these tests is doing more harm than good by increasing the awareness over your weight?

    Hehe, yesterday I turned exactly 21 + 1 month. Happy birthday.


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