She thinks the bathroom smells like puke because there is mold growing somewhere. The mold is gone. There is definitely no more mold. I thought it would be rather obvious, given my history. But she continues to blame it on the mold that is not there and I continue to try to Drain-o and bleach the shower drain, to no avail; it is not working. Is she going to figure it out? I didn’t mean to…I am really sorry. It was a horribly weak moment and I vehemently wish I had not taken such drastic actions in the state of panic. Apparently the pipes here do not like food particles and stomach acid, and instead of traveling to the sewer like all the other showers in the country, they are lingering around and producing the awful smell that is illuminating the bathroom so graciously.

I think it’s impossible to be happy all the time. I think it is part of the human existence to fall and get back up, repeatedly. I think you have to learn from mistakes. I think you have to cry every now and then, even if nothing is wrong.

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